Charlton and things

Well, I now find myself looking for the best prices for pillow cases and spoons!   What a life eh?  The work on Simon Weston house is well underway. It is in Southampton and will house 14 veterans in their own studio flat. it is the first of many planned by Care after Combat.

I am going to the Valley on saturday and will join the blokes and girls on the car park I wont start chanting(far too common) but I will share their sorrow. Let’s hope that it makes the management have a think!

A few gigs to do this spring and they are on the tour bit of this site. Come along and have a laugh. oh…do me a favour Please sign up to Care after Combat on twitter and have a look at the web site. perhaps u can buy something. SW house costs 100k a year to run….that’s more than they spend on Charlton!!!!!!!


For all u veterans   we are having a meeting of all vets at the Millbrook Army reserve centre Southampton  on the 28th of jan  18-00 till 21-00    security is tight so phot ID and service number. I will be talking and a few others   and you get a sausage!



Dark Clouds at the Valley

I’ve never been a one for protest, but I understand the people at Charlton being missarable. They feel they can’t stand and watch our club be treated in such a way I agree with them. They want our Belgium owners out. I ask, what then?  I wish I had saved a few quid or had less wives!   I wish the owners would see that they are universally disliked. The poor CEO’s life must be really miserable,but sometimes you have to own up. Own up and say “OK It’s my fault” or say ” I only do what the owner tells me” If I were her I would tell the owner to shove his job up his bottom.  Instead maybe she could tell him to get a grip,listen to the fans…watch the team and be honest with us. What do you want for our club?  Buy some players….or better still get someone in who knows what they ‘re doing.

Our club is dying and it isn’t just the fans who know it’s the owners fault…everyone does.   Roland…  Put it up for sale.  Stay in Belgium and have a beer  leave us South Londeners alone!

Back to work soon

I’ve been so busy doing my day job at Care after Combat I forgot that I am about to go back on stage. yeharrrrrr I start this week in King’s Lynn   coming?


Day three of not drinking  ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH

Happy new year

Happy new year to you all. let’s hope we all achieve what we set out to do!  You never know what’s around the corner. It will be an interesting year for me as we move Care after Combat into phase 2.  Congrats to Simon Weston who now outranks me by becoming  CBE. He is a great guy who works tirelessly for our charity.  I will be working full time for the charity from now on but will still find time to do a bit of comedy…in fact in the Autumn I will be doing my most ambitious show yet. A two hour story of my life complete with FX and Music.  March the 9th see’s my 40th Anniversary of  New Faces in 76. The name of the Autumn show will be called “Can you do March the ninth?”  It will be a look back to where I grew up and all the characters I bumped into over the years. so…  Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!   It never does.

I will only be doing 12 theatres but will be doing two nights in each one. It will take too long to rig the show just for a one nighter. The poor rodies will get no sleep!


I wish you all a happy new year.

Merry Xmas

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Another year comes to an end and we plan for the next year. Next year will see me take up a full time job as executive Chairman of Care after Combat. We will be helping more veterans who struggle to cope. I hope you can all help. I still have stand up things to do and I will also be putting some work into the development of my play “A PIECE OF CAKE”    the Autumn will see a small tour of a show consisting of my life story…yes gawd help us!! It will be stories about my family and the ups and downs of being me. I will only be playing a few theatres so you might have to travel. It will be worth it. The show will take one month to rehearse…yes you heard right,rehearse. They’ll be lots of tec. stuff to sort out. this show has never been attempted by me before as it’s difficult to do. Lots of sound and lights but most of all great stories of a life that I have used to the full…so far!


Take care friends and try and love one and other.

nearly done

Couple of gigs to do and that’s it till the new year. Its been a bit of a learning curve doing these last dates, there were so many crap theatres!   next year I’m going to do a tour in the Autumn and only go to theatres that know what they’re doing and don’t charge 500 quid to be in their brochure…how fare is that?

Lakeside country club on the 12th  the one more sleep and I’m 62 Fucking hellllllll!!!!!!

Birmingham and Stevenage.

The Alexander theatre in Brum is one of the country’s great theatres. I played it in 1976 in panto. It is a beautiful building that has been extended and modernised regularaly. The gig at Stevenage is a sports hall.  people at the Alex 350  at the sports hall 761. here’s why I think why.

I never saw a soul from the management art the Alex..not a one from front of house. I spoke to the bloke at the stage door and went and sat in my empty dressing room. I went to the stage after the interval a stage hand gave me a mike. I went on and he went away. I came off after one and a half hours and he took the mike without saying a word. I went home!

In stevenage I was welcomed with offers of tea. I was asked by the sound guy how I would like the EQ on the Pa? The stage was well lit and sound system perfect.  The  Lady manger was superb she couldn’t do enough for me and the crowd even though she had a very busy Blues Bros show in the adjacent theatre.  I felt as if I was part of a team. I had my part to play as did all the staff. we all did and the result was sensational.  The difference?  Passion

Tunbridge wells

I’ve never liked this room…that is what it is.It is not a theatre and never will be. It is a hall with seating. It has just had a 1.6 million pound refit and smells of carpets. It now has a new PA system and lights. shame they haven’t got anyone who knows what they are doing….The rest of this story can be read in the papers…..rotten venue..horrible advertising  but great punters that the venue don’t give a shit about.


Great theatre , great gig, sold out…………