Roger Kitter

Sadly Roger Kitter has died. I have known Roger since the mid seventies,he was a great bloke. He was a wonderful impressionist and never really cracked it  the way he should have. he was a wonderful dame in panto and really shone alongside Dave Lee in Sinderella.  he leaves behind Karen and Chloe. Rip  Roger….”Look what your mate’s done!”

Happy New Year

Well that was a better year for me, how was it for you?  I had two Christmases;One with Michele’s family which was nice.We played a quiz and board games.Then we had a Christmas with my lot who drank us out of house and home. Poor Mrs D is knackered.

Care after Combat is going well.I hope you all can visit the web site or follow us on twitter. We have been dealing with a few guys who are suffering a bit and trying to make them feel better. The interesting project is the prison thing. We will be attempting to reduce the numbers of veterans in the criminal justice system. We have a great team. Goose and Simon Weston are superb  and we have Smokey Cole at the helm.

If you want to help get in touch via the web site.It could be a sponsored run or a pub quiz it all helps.

I have some more gigs to do on the NFA tour and then its good by to all that…and move on. Please keep buying the DVD. It’s a cracker.

Happy new year and lets see what CBB slings up!


They’ll never beat us!!!!!

get well soon Teresa

Tereasa is not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon   can’t have have my biggest fan going down with the Lurgie.  merry Xmas love Jim

Care after Combat

You can donate to the charity by texting Comb11 £5  to 70070  please give as much as you can up to ten pounds  it is needed to help.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.

This has been the best show yet. I am really enjoying being on stage. It is two hours of Me (my favourite subject)  The books are selling well and people tell me that were unable to put it down.

The new DVD will be out in a couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy it. You can’t get it on this site so you’ll have to get all Amerzonned up!

Simon Weston and I will launch Care after Combat soon and I hope you will support us…and them.Start by following us on twitter and facebook


come and see a show.

Bloody Papers

The newspapers have a wonderful way of distorting the truth. They can’t help them selves. they play into the hands of haters and trolls and then take no responsibility for their actions.  Oh by the way, the Doncaster Dome is disgraceful…ask anyone who went. The people of Donny deserve better.Shame on the council…but blame me eh …shame on you.

keep going Brucie, we all love ya!  Strictly is not the same without you.

New tour

The new tour has started well. Two hours on stage and a sign ing session in the interval. A new DVD out at xmas    what more could a man want?

The tour begins

The biggest tour I have done in years kicks off with a gig on the pier in Gt Yarmouth on the 5th Sep. I will be doing both halves of the show.I will also be signing the new book  so busy boy. It has been a busy year.A lot better than last year but the way!! I hope those of you who have kindly bought the book are finding it a good read.

I’ll be recording the Xmas DVD in Shrewsbury on the 12th of sep. See the tour dates if you want to come and see it being filmed.

Big brother is good but…….

see yer at a show BOOK NOW

half way there

The shows are going well in Edinburgh. The critics are seeing the light and I have made some new comedy friends. in the last two nights I have been visited by Nicholas Parsons,Gyles Brandrith and the great Peter Bowles.  I’ll be finished on the 25th then a small break and out on tour. I’ll be visiting some old haunts.Ipswich, llandudno, Doncaster, Cardiff  and all the great old theatres I haven’t been to for a while. I will be also recording a dvd at a special show in Shrewsbury. Check out the tour dates and give em a ring .

Captain’s log

Captains log.

03 August.


In my comedian disguise I have visited the center of planet fringe. What I have seen is horrifying.  The streets are jammed with mutants. These mutants are dressed in strange costumes and do ridiculous things. They dance and juggle for no apparent reason. I believe some alien life for has exploded a bomb containing some form of hallucinogenic drug. This has made the inhabitants of planet fringe believe they are entertainers of some kind. They are convinced of it and hand out proper-gander inviting you to share their suffering.


My cover is holding up and I convince my onlookers that I am funny. However there is a sub species here known as critics. These sad things have started to observe me. They are displeased with the audience reaction so now criticizes them as well as me.

I will try to hold on.

I look forward to returning to Earth…pray for me!