Last night was the first time I’d been on stage since I’b been arrested! I wondered what to expect.What I got was a sell out show full of people giving me their support.Including a proposal of marriage from a fan!!Nice guy but not my type.

I wore a suit onstage and must admit I looked like “The Accused” I couldn’t do the act without mentioning what has happened and could feel the audience willing me to let them in on it.I didn’t talk about the case as the allegations are serious,and my legal team are dealing with it,but it was good to take the piss out of myself.The audience loved it.Tonight I’m in Basildon,a town I used to deliver parcels when I was a lorry driver.I can’t wait to hear what the Essex lot think about all these goings on!!

I can’t thank you enough for all the good wishes. The best way to support me is to bring some mates to the show and have a laugh with me. My friend and top comic Matt Blaize came last night as did all my pals from the Valley. Great friends and a great night,for the Charlton Athletic community trust

KBO   Jim.

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