Comments to be opened next week

We’re going to open the comments on the web site next week.It’s been a while but I have been busy!

Weston-Super-Mare is the hardest gig on Earth.It is an arcade that has been cleared of one armed bandits and a stage built. The crew have five ours to turn it into a tasty little venue.They do a great job but the sound is horrendous. When I finished on Friday I had just enough voice left to boo the ref for sending off my favourite player the next day!!

They were a great crowd in Weston.I missed seeing the Torquay mafia who normally turn up. They probably called my phone that the Old Bill still have.

Charlton got a football lesson from Nottingham Forest.They are the best team we have played.

Onwards and upwards


  1. danielle

    you probably wont remember me as we only met briefly. loved the performance you did at the pier for us, was the first time i saw you live and was wetting myself, it was worth all the work and selling of your books. it was the first event i was professionally involved with at the pier and enoyed my self alot so im coming to see you again in chelteham at the end of the month.

    p.s will send you a double whisky and soda with one ice cube before the the show. also have something you left beind. x

  2. Paul Killbe

    Hi Jim……You forgot to mention that at the end of the Weston gig on the Pier, you met the “Guide Dog of The Year” Hee-he!! :-) ……… Cheers for a great nite and your time for a chat at the end!!………..

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