Jethro breathed on me once..I was pissed for a week

jethro The great Jethro and I join forces for our forces next month(April 3) at the Guildhall Portsmouth. He is a funny bugger and well worth watching…mainly to see if he’ll fall over. We’ve been pals for 35 years …bloody hell that’s along time.So come and see us in April…check the tour date section for details. All the proceeds go to the RNRM charity.


  1. hi jim that’s nice that you and jethro are doing a show at the guildhall portsmouth.i saw jethro years ago in cardiff,he was very funny,you are the funniest though are the best comedian in the world.that’s nice that you have been pals for 35 years,yes that is a long time.that’s kind of you to give all the proceeds to the RNRM CHARITY.see you at evesham,cheltenham,barry and torquay jim.take care lots of love teresa xxx

  2. martin whybrow

    Hi Jim got my ticket for yarmouth Aug 6th can’t wait for a bloody good laugh

  3. mark white

    hi jim, well done on you and jethro supporting the RNRM CHARITY, your good men both of you, and whatever the reasons, jim you dont deserve half the rubbish thats thrown at you, i was gonna say shit, but thought it was to rude, keep smileing mr d, hope you and the wife will be happy forever, because you make people smile, and people should give you the same back. all the best, mark, in romsey hants.

  4. Brian Cole

    Hi Jim. Hope to get along to this gig. We’ve got Brighton the night before so busy week. Running a coach from Fareham to avoid the nightmare of getting away after the game.
    Hope to catch up soon. Any point texting or have the rozzers still got your dog and bone?
    Still got it mate


  5. David Lunn

    Hi spoke last night on twitter and u asked to leave the details here Jim.
    We are holding a charity ball in aid of #help4heroes Could u help with donating an item for auction

  6. chris wedgwood


    I hear Vicky Price will be joining the Holloway Womens football team.

    Apparently she’s good at taking penalties.

    Keep at it mate !

  7. Anna

    Great photo of you in the Falklands. I think you would have enjoyed the Referendum weekend.

    Hello Anna I would love to be there…now!! Miss you all I’ll see you in the Summer hopefully xx

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