An Exciting Weekend

I’m off to Cromer today.I love Norfolk and have many friends there. I have never worked the theatre before and I’m looking forward to it. Then an early start the next morning as Charlton welcome Millwall to the Valley. Millwall are on a high with a good cup run,and we have Yann back ,so it will be a good game.

The tour is going well and I thank you all for your support. I got a standing ovation in Dunstable.It was very moving and reminds me I’m not alone in thinking that recent events are getting on people’s tits.


  1. karen Salih

    Could not have put it better myself, i can tell you now its getting on my (.).(.) , glad the tour is going well for you mate – GOOD TO THE SEE THE OLD JIMBO’S BACK UP WHERE YOU BELONG Hope you & all boys have a good day @ the Valley Saturday cheering on the MIGHTY REDS Luv Karen x

  2. Ciaran Lynch

    You did a great show in Dunstable Jim, and even took the time to stop for a picture with me, and a chat with my Mum and Grandfather!

    Thanks for doing that, and good luck with the rest of the tour.


  3. Mary

    Good luck in cromer tonight hope you get to see the norfolk lifeboat boys. You have a great following and im sure people that know the real jim davidson are all 100% behind you.

  4. Dan

    Hi Jim, I reckon Charlton to do Millwall 2.1, no problem. Always remember seeing you at Poole Arts Centre back in the early/mid 80′s when you were pissed and had to sit down on the edge of the stage! Seen you many times since. My dad always really liked you and you’ve given all my family many laughs, thank you. Good luck for next week, don’t let the bastards get you down, keep smiling. Cheers.

  5. hi jim good luck with your show in cromer.i like great yarmouth and i’ve been to see you there a few times.that’s nicethat you have many friends in norfolk.i hope charlton win the match against millwall.that’s brilliant that the tour is going have always got my support jim.that’s nice that you got a standing ovation in dunstable.about recent events YOU ARE INNOCENT.I HOPE THESE TWO WOMEN WHO ARE ACCUSING YOU GET LOCKED UP IN PRISON FOR YEARS.see you at evesham,cheltenham,barry and torquay.i love you take care lots o f love teresa xxx

  6. Paul Thetford

    great show Friday night at Cromer a real good laugh…….

  7. Matthew

    First time i have seen you live you were fantastic have all your dvds, hope to get to another show soon

  8. Gary Newman

    Hi Jim
    Its about time you returned to television as someone as good as you is surely missed as a all round entertainer

  9. mark

    just want to say i went to dunstable to see him it was brill great show hope you come back soon carryon with whatyour doing dont let the barstards grind you down mark from luton

  10. hi jim i hope you are well and ok?i heard on the news on tv last night that you were arrested again by the police because more women have accused you.YOU ARE INNOCENT.these women are liars.i hope they go to prison for would they like it if they were accused of something they had’nt done.i have been to see you 327 times in 33 are the best comedian in the are so funny.YOU ARE ALSO THE MOST LOVING ANG CARING MAN I HAVE EVER MET,I HAVE MET YOU ALOT.I LOVE YOU TO BITS.see you next week,i love you,take care lots of love teresa xxx

  11. Observer

    I apologise for posting this here but the contact page for Jim has been removed and I know of no other way of getting a message to Jim Davidson. If you do know how to contact Jim please pass this on.

    Jim, I have theory of why the police are going after you. Consider the possibility that Operation Yewtree is a political witch hunt to deflect attention away from the child rapist gangs in Rochdale, Rotherham and other towns. Look at how much publicity was given to the allegations against you and other high profile names, but when, years ago, people warned about Asian gangs abusing young girls, they were dismissed as racists and the allegations were hardly reported – indeed suppressed.

    Even the police failed to act in many cases. Now that some of those gangs have been convicted, the allegations can no longer be dismissed as racism so the authorities are going after high profile men. In contrast to the way they reacted in Rochdale, the police are now relentless in pursuing the celebrities. They appear to be acting with a determination and vigour that was sadly lacking in Rochdale and other towns where the gangs operated, and the media are giving Yewtree massive coverage – all, according to my theory, to deflect public attention away from the other cases. Some of these gangs could still be operating and while the police are spending so much time on the witch hunt, they are not out chasing these gangs.

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