Onwards and upwards

Well, here we go again. My Lawyer has made a statement about these allegations that go back to 1978 and I’ll say no more. I’m at the Okengates Theatre in Telford tonight and Tenbury Wells tomorrow… ¬†could be interesting. Get on the tour thing on this site and come and hear what’s what. No hiding, I have not been charged with any offence. I am getting on with life. Let’s have a good night out and a laugh ¬†see you there. Thanks for your support. Now please buy something from the online shop !!


  1. Dan


    Myself and the guys serving out here in Cyprus are all behind you. hope this horrible mess disappears soon. Hopefully you have a good show in Telford tonight, I know some of the RAF lads from RAF Cosford will be in attendance.



  2. lesley leese

    look forward to seeing you in crewe next month. keep positive

  3. Lorna Byrne

    Good to hear you got a standing ovation tonight Jim :) Best wishes.

  4. Ian C

    I’ve been a big fan since your New Faces debut, seen you many times live and still watch from my collection of dvd’s.
    Just to say I wish all this rubbish will soon be cleared up mate…don’t let the b**tards grind you down.
    When the truth outs I’m sure you’ll find some great material from it ;)

  5. chris wedgwood

    Don’t let it get to you Jim. We are all on your side mate.

  6. Nigel

    chin up jim it is all a complete sham in the wake of the perv with an ugly face who stank of cigars they seem to be pulling in anyone who may have done something they shouldn’t have

    see you in tunbridge wells in may


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