Richard Digance

I have just had lunch with Richard Digance.I haven’t seen him for a while and had forgotten how brilliant he is.We first met on a trip to the Middle East in 1982 .We then went to the Falkland Islands where Richard did a show for eight blokes in an anti-aircraft bunker and four of them left half way through. He once peed on my bed for a prank, I was not best pleased! We talked about the possibility of doing a show or two together,what a laugh that would be. He still tours and  is as funny as he ever was. My favourite bit of his ? “she taught me to yodel” Hysterical.

Dunstable  Grove theatre Wednesday night.Coming?


  1. Brian Cole

    Richard is great. He wrote a great book about Maurice Millionaire the Chairman of fictitious Chardock FC
    A must read if you get a chance, I spoke to Richard about it only recently.
    I would definitely be there if you get that show together Jim.


  2. hi jim i’ve seen richard a few times years ago when he was a support act to you,he is very’s brilliant that you and richard entertained the troops and boosted their would be brilliant if you and richard do a show or two together.see you soon.take care lots of love teresa xxx

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