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  1. Brian

    Er ner – I have just remembeered what ‘appened wiz zee bum
    It blew up Selhurst Park but no one noticed zee differ ence.

  2. Nigel

    your worse than inspector gadget Clouseau

  3. kaz

    Detective …Listen clouseau….”LLoyd hollett is doing panto again at the Marlow theatre at Xmas ”

    Clouseau…….”OMG I cant believe it . I think I ‘ve shit myself with excitement “

  4. be nice you won’t like me when i am angry

  5. sheila walton

    I was at your recent show in Cwmbran – having enjoyed your show previously in Devon before moving to Wales – (I was the one in a wheelchair in the front row!)
    Great show as ever – and excellent warm up too. Keep up the good work.
    Hope you’ll be back before too long.

    Sheila Walton

  6. glenn

    look your the only bloke left!!! im begging you, please be the new wolves manager

  7. kaz

    WHO WON JIMMY BOY ????????????????????? LOL… There all a bit poor aint they haha….
    You do one and we see if we can better it ???

  8. Tara Kendall-Sykes

    Why don’t you remember what you were doing on June 3rd 1963? You must remember her, she remembers you clearly. Right that’s it you’re nicked!
    Oh by the way she said she will forget everything if you bung her a load of cash ;-)

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