St Georges day

Boy have I got a sore head! My son Fred and Mark Humphries went to the Carlton Club yesterday to have the St George’s day lunch.First course was sherry,followed by champers,then white wine ,then red wine ,then port and finally scotch..washed down with a pint! ¬†Wimborne tomorrow. Great little theatre.


  1. Ron Mason

    Hi came wimbourne tonight thanks very much. The 3 of us had a good laugh. Sorry your having all this shit at The moment. We hope it turns out ok in the end. Ron

  2. Hi Jim,
    Just saw you last night in Wimbourne, and I think its one of your best gigs I have seen! You were hilariious! It was my birthday and I went with my brother and two brother-in-laws, and we all had a great time. All he best, stay strong, we are all supporting you!


  3. Vicky Spence

    Hi Jim,
    What a great night at Wimborne. I can remember all the laughter you brought me in Home James and have always wanted to see you live (and am pleased I have).
    Keep your chin up and best wishes for the future.

  4. LeylandLady

    Glad you are still able to enjoy yourself Mr Davidson – just remember that not all of the public are taken in by what the Police have done to you and other public figures. Many of us realise you are in the middle of a witch hunt, and both me and my husband and family feel a great deal of sympathy for your current situation. How they can class you and other public figures with that scum bag Saville I will never know. Greed for Compensation makes people tell many lies.

  5. Tash

    A-may-zing show at Wimborne. Great to see the place packed out after all the media attentionve had recently-think that speaks volume as to what the British Public actually think. You never fail to make everyone laugh like they’ve never laughed before. Can’t wait for you to come back…… ps Ken Barlow…really?!?!?!?!?!? x

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