I was in Middlesborough when my wife called and told me the Police have charged Max Clifford with eleven counts of indecent assault.Max has been charged with 11 counts dating from 1966 to 1985! What!!!  Am I alone at thinking that this is going to be difficult to remember what we were all doing. Who scored the second goal at the world cup final? I am staggered that the media have not made more of this.Is it because it is Max and there is a certain schadenfreude going on?

I see that the Sunday Mirror are not naming another celebrity about to be arestted…how caring? Why aren’t they naming him? He must be a labour supporter.


Do you know who I feel sorry for? The Police.We have the best Police force  money can buy (perhaps not the right term) but I know the public are getting fed up, but these allegations must be investigated no matter how silly they appear.I know from the messages I get that the public have lost faith in what  was once  an attempt to arrest pedophiles has turned into a celebrity witch hunt. The Police have been kind and courteous to me. They must know that these accusations are  things that can literally ruin peoples lives.My life is on hold,so is that of my wife.It is as Max says, “a nightmare”,it really is.I have to shake my head and ask is this really happening? Well,it is!. The only good thing is that  I know I am innocent, and that is a powerful weapon to have. It’s still is upsetting though. You have to be strong and wait for the game to play out

Thank God for My Wife and my family,friends and my Fans…Oh  and a good legal team!!

I will still keep performing for as long as you still want to come and see me.

I thank you all for your support.

And now the bad news….

Charlton won’t get to the play offs…….what a year I’m having!!! x



  1. k spires

    people that know you know you have nothing to hide this is stupid why wait so long to tell the police about it and you should tour forever and on the last tour do the o2 and you will see your fans fill that place again and again

  2. Nigel

    I liked Max Cliffords word that if the complianent is not named there is no justice, its all a complete load of ballcocks probabley being instigated by some pillocks who thought they were played with by jimmy saville.

  3. David rock

    Hello Jim.
    I for one don’t believe any of the allegations going on. Its to easy for pole to make them . I had a friend have a allegation made against him. Was investigated and after short period all dropped it was a total farce. But left its mark no evidence he personally has young son. For while could not be alone with him so have little insight. I understand things have to be looked into but i agree with you seems a witch hunt with celebritys. I hope sincerely tip nightmare for you and your family comes to a end soon. You deserve better. I can only send you my very best wishes. Pp saw you in crewe. Excellent night one of when funniest nights. Best wishes Jim. Regards. Dave rock.

  4. Jambo

    whilst I agree it would be hard to remember back that far things that one was doing that were NOT illegal or hurtful to someone, i would be pretty sure that if someone had forced themselves on someone in an unwanted capacity at ANY time in their life this would leave an unforgettable scar fro LIFE on both people. if ANY of the allegations against ANY of the individuals accused is true, i would like to think that they would NOT be forgotten at all. To say that one has ‘forgotten’ what they did that long ago either means that nothing bad DID happen, or that whatever DID happen made no difference to the person in their opinion and this attitude in itself speaks to the character of that person.

  5. bethan watkins

    myself and my husband are behind you all the way we saw you at th ebackend of cwmbran a few weeks ago after you done what we thought was a great show you had a full house come back there again soon please looking for another good night out

  6. Jim, we love you and you always made us laugh time and time again.
    As far as for the allegations against you….we know they are b……..!.You are right about police wanting to amend things about Jimmy Saville, but it’s too late( the C…t! is dead).
    We wish you luck and please came to Homefirtth Picturedrome for a gig.
    All the very best,Maria

  7. Dean

    Jim i met you when we both was filling up our fuel guzzlers at fleet services,i asked you to come over and say hello to my wife & children thank you how courteous and polite and very funny you was,and you was on your way to do a gig but was no hurry.

    All the best to yourself & family


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