Podcast – Episode 3

Here is the third episode from the exciting brand new Jim Davidson Podcast, featuring Richard Digance!

You can listen direct from the website by clicking using the embedded Music Player, or alternatively, click the “Download” button to download the MP3 and add to your iPod or other audio device to listen whilst on the move!


  1. Carl

    These podcasts are a great Idea, but I think you need to be careful. Some of the references to racism and Chalky will get you in trouble again. Nobody wants to here certain remarks or jokes anymore.

    People who dislike you listen to these podcasts as well as your fans. Don’t give people an excuse to attack you.

    Here is a review of the first podcast:


    Try and keep the podcasts clean. You come across really well most of the time.


  2. kevadams

    these pod casts are great! keep em coming!

  3. Andy

    That was a good laugh. Saw you both in norwich on Saturday and it was hysterical. Thanks to you both for a great night

  4. hi jim brilliant podcast. i have seen richard digance a few times when he was your support act,he is very good.that’s brilliant that you were in he gang show.brilliant impressions of you doing keneth williams,dudley moore and terry scott.i’m amazed that you take beta blockers to go on stage but as they help you,good for you.youwould have been brilliant as oliver.when you were on the one show,it should have been shown on tv.they could have bleeped out the words they did’nt like that you said.that’s nice that you took fred your son to see your old house in old holborn road.i have seen bobby davro a few times,he is very good.i have met bobby a few times,he was nice,obviously not as nice as you as you are the best.your jokes are brilliant.brilliant that you won new faces.brilliant impressions of you doing zippy and george.i like chalky.shame that you can’t do him any more.i like all the songs and the poem.brillant that you went around great britain in a boat. that was kind of you that you bought the house in old holborn road for your mum and dad.you are the best all round entertainer in the world which means best comedian,best singer,best actor and best presenter.you are also the nicest man i have ever met.see you soon,take care lots of love teresa xxx

  5. Danny


    Never mind what PC Carl says we love to hear you talk about chalky, this tool obviously hasn’t listened to a word you have said or he wouldn’t be taking the moral high ground

    The podcasts are great and you talk about what you want, if people didn’t want to hear you they wouldn’t be here downloading it

    Why is there always one

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