I had dinner last night with the former president of South Africa,FW De Krerk. I had been invited to sit at the top table at a fundraiser for the Margaret Thatcher Centre. The former president Davis a fascinating speech about how he transformed South Africa and abolished apartheid. He went on to say that Margaret Thatcher was a great help. He, of course, was responsible for the release of Nelson Mandela. I love hearing stories about other people’s countries and the struggles that they have. He was very approachable I’m thoroughly charming and I have to say he looked exactly how a president should look. I then buggered off to the Carlton club and drank vineyard. I did not have an appointment until lunchtime so I thought a good lie in will do me the world good back the phone rings I love I have to leg it back down to the office to sort out the worlds problems.


I can’t wait to see tonight’s episode of Westworld. What a great series. I can’t quite work out where it’s going yet but I am loving every bit of it. So tonight rolled shoulder of lamb in the big green egg, no booze…. Well perhaps just the one and then see up before back in the office tomorrow at 8 o’clock and then off to London to have drinks with the boss.


Keith Emerson, a musical celebration of his life.

Tickets go on sale on the 10th of this month. The show is going to be sensational. We still have 40 VIP tickets then you can book them now by calling Care after Combat on 0300 343 0255.

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