I went to Greg Lake’s funeral yesterday. It was a very private affair was just family and close friends. It is sad to see him go. He was a genius and had a way of touching people’s hearts with his music and his meaningful lyrics. He will be sadly missed that his art will remain.

Ars longa vita brevis… As they say!

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  1. Today December 25th 2016, I remember Christmas day, 54years ago in 1962… Greg Lake aged15 and me, David Jeanes aged17, took our guitars down to my auntie’s through the snow, which was thick on ground, to play at the Christmas party. Greg and I had just started playing together. It was clear to me that Greg would always be able to earn a living from music, although no-one at that time, could have known he would go as far as he did. I came to know Greg and his wonderful Mum and Dad, ‘Harry and Pearl’ very well and spent many happy days and years in their company. After hearing the very sad news, I went to visit Don Strikes music shop at Westbourne, Bournemouth. Bev Strike is now the owner, Don sadly passed away a long time ago. Greg, Bev, and me, played together in a little group back in the sixties. Bev and his wife Mavis were there, of course they also had heard the news about Greg. We spent some time talking about the old days, and the many memories we have of those times. We all know that your loss must be hard to bear, there are no words that can help. I know that Greg was not a religious person, and I share his opinion, but, if we are wrong, and let’s hope we are, then maybe we will all meet again.

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