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Care after Combat has just completed 18 months of research regarding veterans who end up in prison. I have been involved from the start. Our job is a difficult one because of the nature of the subject.

95% of all service leavers have no problem but there are those who flounder and end up in the criminal justice system.

Numbers vary, but is safe to say we have over 3000 prisoners  who have once served in HM armed forces.

We look after the ones with 12 months of their sentence or less to do. we give them a mentor who helps them form a pathway back to normal life(if there is such a thing)

We have 166(as of today) prisoners on our books. 60 have been released and our success rate of non re- offending in that 18 months is 100%

I have been interim CEO for the last year since our old one threw a track and walked out . It is knackering. I have 14 full time staff and 60 part time. We have a 12 bed hostel in Southampton called Simon Weston House, and three offices!

This all comes to a few quid!  I have to raise 400k plus a year to pay for it all. The money we get goes on paying people to deliver a service to the veterans. Our mentors are volunteers and receive only expenses. But you add that up at 120 visits per month all over the country and it gets scary! We also have a team of psyciatric staff who are invaluable in sorting our blokes out.

Our report will show that veterans in the CJS are responding to our help.But we need to do more…to get our teams into all prisons nationwide. We also need to work more(and are going to) with the NHS, who are really turning up the heat on veteran mental welfare. Funny isn’t it, you never get GOOD news about the NHS.its about time the public know what good a job they are doing for our veterans.

There’s a job offer for me to do this full time. it would mean cutting back my “day job” of touring and live stuff…and all the money that goes with it. Hmmmm.  I can see the head lines now!  Not “Jim gives up 400k a year to work for charity”  thats for sure. But the work needs to be done, I can do it, and I want to do it, but its a lot of responsibility. Still, I’ve been doing for a year and a bit of responsibility will do me good. So come on, go on Care after Combat web site and help us help them.    Right I’m off to Wealsden Prison today and HMP Winchester for Xmas eve….I use to do Panto!!!!


merry Xmas all

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