I have decided to do more posts on this website. I get a bit fed up with twitter, in fact I hardly use it at all.

I’ve finished the first leg of my tour and it is going well. The first week I had a bad stomach, over the last two weeks I’ve had man flu.

Of course, you do lots of interviews with the newspapers and of course, they pick up the juicy bits. They seem to like anything that is going to court controversy. Nothing new there then! The Daily Mail seems to be the worst. I’m at a loss to know what the Daily Mail stands for. They love to bring up the past and stir up the shit. I should stop reading it but I have to say the Mail Online is great. This Sunday’s papers seem to concentrate on two things regarding me, firstly that I don’t believe that I should be involved in the process of changing the law after my experiences with operation yew tree. And I don’t. Well that’s not quite true, what I believe it is that just because I was arrested it doesn’t make me an expert.

The other story seems to concentrate on how unfunny I think women comedians are. Well let’s clear up try and avoid confusion. I am the funniest man in the world and I don’t like any other comedians, especially if they’re funny! They seem to single out Miranda Hart. I think she is quite funny, but to be honest I don’t think she would be the right person to host the generation game. I did it for 7 years so I think I can have a say. However, having a say seems to bring out all the nutters on twitter and all the people who have never seen me,who take pleasure in saying I am not funny. Well they have every right to say that, just like I have every right to say who I think is funny and who I think is not funny. Comedy is a strange business. You can’t make everybody laugh. I don’t think Michael McIntyre it’s funny the lots of people do, although I’ve not met many of them. I love Laurel and Hardy but I can’t stand Charlie Chaplin. I love Tom and Jerry when it was produced by Fred Quimby.. Good old Fred! When they were produced by Chuck Jones they became completely unfunny. As I said it is a strange old business.

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  1. Lynne Coleman

    Saw you at Alexandra theatre Birmingham (for the 3rd time) and yes you are very, very funny. Your show is always different. Can’t wait for the next time.

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