The truth is quite boring

headlines are flying about that I think Macintire’s a c*nt…Well!! ¬†here’s what what was really said.(no headlines here!) ¬†Newspapers are shedding staff like autumn leaves so this is what you get.I get interviewed by a girl who sounded like she was in Jeremy Kyle’s green room.
hello is that Jim?
Oh…so you’re going on tour?
Ok why’s that?
Its what I do?
It’s how I earn my living
You went on New faces?
Why’s that.?
Why did you go on that?
Well its like x Factor is today..except it ws about the acts not the was for professionals not the karaoke singing on the X factor.
Why is your tour called 40 years on?
I’ve been in show biz for 40 years..
So why do it?
Well it will show the young guns that I’m still around and doing it despite what they say…
You got the OBE
So what Charities do you sponsor?
You got it for charity..what ones
Have you done any research on me?
Yes….. you won big Bruvvvarrrr
Bye drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Kent on line…class

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  1. John Shore

    Just read your book on Kindle , what a story read it over two days, how you got through I just don’t no , as they say what doesn’t breack you makes you stronger, loved the insite as to what goes on, like you I am Old School well into my sixtys, I despair at the rubbishy so called comedians they just aren’t funny , keep going Jim your amongst the best of my generation,looked at next year shows if you ever are in the Sale Manchester area I whould love to meet you just to shake your hand Regards.
    John Shore.

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