Lots to do

Another trip to a N/A meeting last night. People who are genuinely trying to improve there lives. It costs 39k a year to keep someone in prison ,but how much is spent on keeping some of these guys out!?

I had a look at the daily Mirror headline, Jim Davidson wants Jeremy Corbyn dead…come on… is there nothing this paper will not stoop to? Its a joke. I read the typical comments and am not surprised I am hated by young lefties. I really hope Farage and Trump piss them of more!

The Keith Emerson tribute concert is selling well, I hope so as it is costing a fortune to put on. Tickets are on sale at the Birmingham Symphony hall web site.

I am on Loose Women on Wednesday……..!!!!!!  I will talk about the charity and appeal for mentors to join. If you are ex forces and want to help call 0300 343 0255 xx

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