Veteran Problems

I have been visiting narcotics anonymous. Don’t panic! In my role as chief executive of Care after Combat we come into contact with veterans who have problems misusing drugs and abusing alcohol. That is a sad sight to see but I’m afraid the veteran is no different from the other people in society who have trouble managing their lives.

The thing that struck me last night was just how difficult people find quitting drugs is. it seems more difficult than alcohol even though it’s all related. They really try as hard as they can but the stories they tell could make a Vulcan cry.

One guy told of how he has nowhere to go no money and no hope, he suggested that h s only future would be to steal something and go back to prison .”at least you would get a bed and food and friends”.

Care after combat are determined to help our veterans to deal with their deamons and I will do all I can personally to help nonveterans get their lives back whenever I can.


  1. hi jim and team for Care After Combat ,keep up the good work helping the vetrans.take care lots of love teresa xxx

  2. Nigel Edwards

    Hi Jim & team. Its only by hard work & individualised support that can help rectify the vets issues. If they are are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, then its only right that we go the extra mile to help them. It also seems common sense that by helping to address their issues will, in the long run, be cost effective, in terms of keeping them out of the criminal justice system and healthcare. This support platform will also help the guys back into employment and become valued members of society again.
    All the best & good luck with Care after Combat. Nigel

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