Care after Combat

On Wednesday, Care after Combat releases an 18 month study of veterans in the criminal justice system.
It will report our findings and our recommendations. The report will be published on our website on the 17th of February.

We have started to see a pattern. Firstly, not one of the 200 guys we look after blamed the Ministry of Defence for their fall from Grace.
A lot of these guys have had a hard life before they joined the military. When they left, they found it extremely difficult to rejoin the life they had before. For some,the people they left behind became alien and strange and they miss the camaraderie, the order, and discipline that service life provided.

These are the guys that Care after Combat look after.
It is in everybody’s interest to prevent reoffending.
At Care of the Combat we believe that if you do the crime you do the time, and service personnel should be offered no preferential treatment. However we have found that service personnel in prison are willing to turn their lives round and start again. They realise their failings and ask for help. We answer that call.
If you Wanna help us, check out the Care after Combat website.

We look after veterans, the good and the bad the ugly

It’s what we do

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