Now , I have the odd bet now and then,so here’s one.  I bet Donald Trump resigns. I bet he gets fed up of being slagged off. Now, we all get slagged off…I should know, but when you believe you are constantly slagged off for the wrong reasons it gets to yer, because people haven’t listen to what you have said or written, it’s frustrating. It’s like constantly being blamed for something you haven’t done. You get slagged off because of other peoples interpretation of what you said. Nigel F must be sick of being called a racist because he wants to protect our borders. He has resigned more times than we all can remember. I resign twice a week…Some times life seems matter what you say, some bugger puts his wrong interpretation on it and Boom!  So why bother?    because  we all feel passionate about the things we do…we go for gold, flat out then along comes some tit and pisses on your chips…..”Just when I thought I was leaving..they drag me back in”


I’m having real problems making Pie and Mash… me bottoms are a bit soggy and my tops are too hard.

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