I ve been reading about “millenials” . People of a young age that have a blame culture. I’m glad someone else has noticed this cousin of political correctness.  The type of person this disease affects  is normally the one who moans ..about me, you everybody really. Nothing is their fault. They go out of their way to lie and bullshit their way to safety.  It is quite scary. “It’s not me”" You made me do it”  It’s not my job” ”he spoke to me funny, he was rude, he was humiliating me, he looked at me funny”. heard any of these?

When they fuck up it’s ALLWAYS someone else fault..and if you don’t like this version of the truth there’s another version ready to go.

They also have the knowledge that the HR PC wold of morons are on there side.

There is an epidemic

How dare I say this!!!!! “well, There you go… what do you expect from the sexist racist?”

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