Four gigs into the tour and I have finally found my feet. It is always a problem putting a new act together. Last years 40 years in showbiz tour was sensational, it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Now I have to follow that. How do you do that? Well, I decided that what I’ll do it just moan about the things that get on my tits, and there’s lots of them.

It’s funny how people react.

Donald Trump…. They love him

Diane Abbott       they wet themselves laughing. I have started calling her Diane Abacus. When construction company Corillian went into liquidation , she asked,” how much is  a Corrillian?”

I met once at the House of Commons, she was having lunch at the table with Bernie Grant… Do you remember him? Are used to wear African garb. Anyway, I said hello, and she closed her eyes to try and summon up who I was. That gave me time to escape.

Europe….. They want out

Boris……… They love him

Corbin………. boos


I like my audience.

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