a short break

I finished the tour last night in Bromley. It has been fun…really.  A few setbacks  like Cromer and the plastic glass. The upsetting thing about these things is I am always to blame,,,sound bad ? Jim’s fault, no lighting..Jim’s fault. Nowhere to park..Jim’s fault. Some theatres, especially council run ones have  tec. staff who’s only qualification is being able to bullshit the theatre manager who knows even less….My fault.

I have stopped using Facebook as it is like trial by opinion.   No matter who witness these events and contradicts the fake news..its always my fault.

Still, the tour has been jammed and the PC brigade got it in the Arse!

I am going in Hospital on Monday for the removal of my Gaul Bladder….to make room for more beer!

see you on  my recovery…and thanks.


oh….  Big Dick Whittington looks like it will happen….. can’t wait children


  1. Good luck with the op Jim your bloody brilliant always admire you as a comedian and entertainer never watched anybody as good as you,keep the good work up Janexxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Brigitte West

    Good luck with the op Jim.
    Great interview with Piers. Wish we saw more of you on TV. Hopefully you will come to Torbay Theatre soon.

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