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It has now being eight days since my successful operation to have my gallbladder removed. The surgery was done by great surgeon called Mr Mudan and  the anaesthetist was an old friend of mine. I have never had an operation before and so was a little nervous. We’ve all seen on the television an anaesthetic starting to work, and boy does it work. I woke up one hour later and had to look at the plasters on my abdomen to make sure that I had actually had the operation

I pay quite a lot of money for medical insurance. I adore the NHS and the work it does but I believe if one can afford to pay for private medical then one should. I can  and I did. The  operation was done at The London clinic, and I popped back there on Monday to have my stitches out, well to be more precise, my staples!!  I celebrated by having lunch with Barbara Windsor. What a star she is… We laughed until my wounds hurt.

Last November I recorded Piers Morgan’s life stories. It is on ITV this Saturday. I am in the hands of the editor. Although I feel that they go for sensationalism, and seek a headline, I told the truth. It is the only one thing in life we can rely on… Apart from death and the taxman.



Hope you enjoy it……..


  1. hi jim that’s brilliant that your operation to have your gall bladder removed was sucessful.that’s nice that you had lunch with barbra windsor.i will be watching you on piers morgan life stories on tv tomorrow.i’ve been to see you 333times in 37 years,you are the best all round entertainer in the world,i have met you loads,you are the most loving,caring and nicest man i have ever met. take care lots of love teresa xxx

  2. andrew brown

    jim i have nothing but respect for you…comedy in the 70′s 80′s was not politically correct for this era to accept but it was then…salute

  3. Malcolm Cook

    Hi Jim
    This is the first time I have ever even looked for a celebs website but glad to say I enjoyed the brief glimpse we got if your unique humour last night.
    Pity we don’t see more of you on telly
    Good luck and God Bless

  4. Jim, thank you so much for the fun laughter and truth over the years. Glad the operation went well for you. I am one of the employees of the “Council” that serve behind the bar at Bedworth Civic Hall. You and your mates that came into the Bar during the break in your show had us in stitches. You and the “Mink” are true Gents and long mat you carry on. All the best Mick.

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