happy new year

As you get older Xmas gets harder to do. the kids are not kids anymore and drink like you used to! so you try and keep up…wrong!!   I have a last pasty tonight then off to the betty Ford clinic for a two year detox!!!…no I will be putting together some more things to moan about for my new tour that starts at Kings Lynn on the 16th jan. The world has become soooooo pc now with people queuing up to play their cards…you know what I mean. He upset me, I’m black, I’m brown, I’m gay, I’m a female, I’m fat. etc   where will it end? I have worked out that to call someone a name like Knob Head is ok but describing them as female is insulting…what utter bollocks.  There are one or two out there that are full time card players who  go though their sad life waiting to be offended…well come and see me and I’ll sort if for yer!

The charity is having a sortee across Dartmoor. If you are up for it it will cost you £100 to sign up and you have to raise 200 quid more..at least. there will be two teams;  one yomping and one tabbing!    it is 15 miles a day with an overnight “in the field”   it is the weekend 24 may     call Sam at 0300 343 0255  if you are up for it…we’re only taking 120! so skates on!


Have a happy New year….see you in some theatre some where.

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