Merry Xmas

Happy Holiday….is that the correct thing to say?  well, Happy Christmas.  It has been an up and down year for me. The shows have been sold out and people have laughed their heads off.  The Charity has been a struggle. HMG have a very tight string on their purse. You could never accuse them of throwing money around.

My small team of workers have struggled through. I am so proud of them. Without their dedication Care after Combat  would have fallen by the wayside. The people who work for the charity are not driven by money that are driven by the desire to help their old muckers who have screwed up. We continue to reduce re-offending…a good thing for all of us.

Dr Nick Murdoch and I are putting together a division that deals with drug and alcohol misuse in prisons.  It is an exciting project…one that I know all about!  Jane Jones is evaluating a pilot with the NHS who are REALLY delivering a much needed service for veterans in the criminal justice system. We are working closer with our mates in Walking with the Wounded…particularly their Project NOVA.

the two Wales office continue to deliver….they are superb guys.

Steve Scott and Sam are getting to grips with the southern area while stave doubles up as Prison liaison officer.

Politics plays a big part…without HMG we would lose access to the prisons  and our blokes.

This next year will be the making of Care after Combat….up until now we have been scraping the surface. We now , with our partners ,will move forward delivering the full package for the veteran in the CJS.

On a personal note I look forward to a new tour in the spring…it will be moaning!!!! and theres plenty to moan about, don’t you worry about thattttttttt.


Take care of each other…..





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