Now then you’d think the a gig 30 mins from home wouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t played the theatre very often as it has been run by a selection of women, some who liked me and some who didn’t.   Basingstoke is new town deigned by Stevie Wonder It has a one way system that can lead to one disappearing up one’s own arse. I wasn’t too sure of the location. I had the stage door in my minds eye. I sort of remembered. but…. as you drive into basingstoke a sign ANVIL is written in one of the lanes. I got init. It then took me to a roundabout where there were 3 exits and no ANVIL sign .ANVIL is the name chosen by someone from the council for the name of the theatre. Probably because after an hour driving around looking for it you want to put your head on an anvil and hit it with a lump hammer!  I saw a sign that said ANVIL P  I followed it reminding myself that the theatre was in fact in a car park. The sign took me into the biggest carpark on earth where I was faced with a barrier. I pressed the help button and a man with English as a second language told me to get a ticket. I told him in a certain manner I did not want to be in his carpark. he said  ”get ticket..after put in on exit no pay and drive the bloody hell away”  I did, but not before getting lost …in the carpark.

The gig was great and full… sold lots of books and collected over a grand in donations..the best so far.

Tewkesbury tonight and checked into a fab hotel with the prettiest receptionist in history….must check I am awake !

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