I had Saturday off and was planning to join my CAFC brothers in Peterbourlgh  However, duty called. A fundraiser for the Conservative party, in particular the Rt Hon Pritti Patel. The venue was the five lakes Crown Plazza in deepest Essex.  When I arrived there must have been 2000 cars parked everywhere. This was some fundraiser! No, it was the European weight lifting championships. The hotel was heaving. I had tried to book Kev another room over the phone and got two shitty Millennials who didn’t know there was a function on and told me there wasn’t a function room. I can almost see their painted on eyelashes…

Anyway a nice grown up sorted me out.   The function room had no PA or lighting  fair enough.  Pritti also brought her 10 year old son!   get the clean stuff out Jimbo… arriving at the hotel bar for a sharpener, I was greeted by a big boned girl with eyebrows and a youth male who looked and acted like Droopie the dog. I had to ask for everything twice. I then heard him mutter “Fucking hell”…yes it was. I asked him if it was his first night and the girl with the good appetite said I am being provocative…big word for a millennial. I said  ”the customers ruin a bar don’t they” yes she sneered.   Thank God for the grown up at reception and the foreign workers who didn’t seem so angry and stupid.


Breakfast was the worst so far…shame on you rotten hotels… There were hundreds of foreigners staying at a hotel and seeing how useless the majority of Brit staff are       terrible  Like!

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