The Beck theatre is a nice little place in Hayes. Hayes is one street full of kebeb shops and indian restaurants. I m sure there are some nice places but I only ever see the kebab shops and the theatre. It is run by by nice volunteer people who wear blue sashes that say ” I’m here to help”. I saw one sat in row two enjoying the show and ignoring the noisy   members of the audience that were pissing me off.. It is a Sunday thing. My punters like to get pissed on Sundays it would appear. We all had a great time. I got a grunt of disapproval from the millennial working the lights but apart from that it was a good night. Got home at 12 and tried the new Chinese rice cooker   steamed the fucking house down. My place now smells like Vietnam.

My misses has change our bottom sheet to a furry one. At least it is a bit warmer. Cold is a problem in the bedroom when you sleep with a menopausal woman. me and the dog feel like polar bears! we have 6 air-conditioning fans going and she’s still hot. The dog and I have to wake up in the night and go and drink chicken soup.

Three days off now to concentrate on the charity…got in the office today to find the heating broke…bloody freezing!!  The wife would love it!

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