The Regent  looks lovely now….Someone has spent a good few quid. All the staff are great and there’s a tasty Chinese restsraunt next door. The theatre wasn’t full,the first one that isn’t. It had just over 800. The nice manageress said that that was “good for a Sunday”. The Stage manager told me they have been having a lot of shows on and the money just isn’t in the town. There was a young comic on the night before. Now if that was my theatre I wouldn’t have two comics back to back. Also it was freezing and pissing down, so a walk up was nigh on impossible.

I had to work hard because it is a big room and it was a Sunday crowd…full of dinner and afternoon TV…  We all woke up in part two.

I love Ipswich…it has a great Theatre, a great football club and is easy to get too….oh the people aint bad either….now to run the gauntlet of reception Millennials at the hotel.

We stayed at the Novotel…French. the one in Wolverhampton is great..this one…..?

We were greated by a young French sounding woman who was ,by her attitude, probably Belgian. The first words out of her mouth before hello or the millennial “Hi Yar” were  ”do you have a car in the carpark?’ “yes” “then put you registration number into this touch pad”   I told her I did not know the registration number, she told me that I had to know…I gave up and went and got it. I then was informed I had to pay 7 quid for the privilege of leaving my car at the hotel I was paying 100 pounds night for. I told her it didn’t mention this on the web site..she corrected me.  ”Would  you like to pay for breakfast?” “No I’ll wait and have a look at it…it maybe crap” yes she said “It may be”  she saw Kev and I look at each other in dissbelievement! (is that a word)  ”I don’t want to argue with you” she said with an arrogant I don’t give a flying fuck look”

Breakfast was ok……

I wish Maria was here!…who?   The receptionist from Tewkesbury!


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