Night two

Where do I begin?  Ffter a night off after Kings Lynn  I set off from home near Southampton to Southend to do the second sell out show at the Cliffs Pavilion.  I have done this room a lot and there is no room for error. The Essex crowds are on the ball ,don’t you worry about that!

I stupidly checked kev and I into the hotel opposite as we were driving to Wolverhampton for sell out show number three the next day. What a mistake. The hotel is the West cliff Hotel. I stayed here 20 years ago . It was crap. I imagined they must have got their act together since then…Wrong. I was greeted by a big boned girl at reception who after an hour or so noticed me. I checked in. I noticed that she was miserable.

I went to the bar…it was open but no staff. I waited and waited and waited…. I then went back to reception and said there is no one at the bar. I was told to go and wait..”someone will come”   They didn’t so I went back. By now she was dealing with another pissed off punter.  I said there is still no one…she snarled at me she was dealing with someone else and couldn’t be two places at once…well  something about  her made me doubt that !

I returned to the bar and me  and another bloke waited. Eventually a nice girl came and I asked for a cup of tea. She pored it  out and said ” I will have to go and get some milk” and disappeared…so did I. I went to the theatre.

The show was great. I sold 78 books for Care after Combat..

we returned to the hotel and had a pint at the bar. A nice night porter made us a ham sandwhich. Kev had another pint as I headed off to my room. The lift was designed so the receptionist would never have to go in it. My room was freezing…really freezing  I slept in my pants socks and puffer jacket. I awoke at 8 and went for breakfast. A nice Philapino lady told me I had to make my own tea, my own toast and help m self to the solid eggs in the Ban Marie    I asked her what she did?

I asked for two poached eggs and helped myself to some bacon covered in that horrible white Phlegm stuff…..right, off up the M1  for some sanity

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