The third night

The Wolverhampton grand theatre is magnificent, well run by people that understand show business and all that goes with it.

I like Wolverhampton. I’ve been coming here for years, hello always been impressed with the peoples ability to get on with one another in a very mixed community.

I arrived at 12 o’clock today and checked into the Novotel. A French hotel. The receptionist was charming and efficient. She was not a millennial. She was a grownup with brains and manners and her own eyebrows.  I had a steak for lunch cooked by a Yemeni chef  I had the great pleasure of meeting whist practising my Arabic.

The gig was sensational and we sold 104 books for the charity.

My agent, Chris Davis, took us for an Indian meal afterwards. It was great… He paid.

It’s now midnight and I’m in my comfortable bed in warm room……. Good night Ovaltinies

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