Tour Day by day

The first gig was in Kings Lynn. I managed to leave early the next day as I heard an elderly gentleman was driving his Range Rover around in the area. The Gig was fine with, as usua,l me losing my way!!!

The Hotel that I normally stay was full so we opted for the Dukes head opposite. It is an old hotel on the square facing the Corn Exchange…It is also fucking appallingly bad!

Kev and I arrived at 10 past ten after the gig. The young lady with the piercings at reception told us we would have to pay two quid for overnight parking. We checked in and asked for something to eat. She said with great joy, that was nothing as the kitchen shut an hour ago. She said there are nuts in the room.. I asked if there was an indian restaurant nearby..she  dived onto here computer. What seemed like a week later she said there are several..which one did we want? Feeling too gentlemanly to say how the fuck would we know? we said the one that stays open the latest. She suggested one and we asked for her to call a cab. The cab promptly turned up and the Eastern European driver took us to Argos!  That was how he understood the woman on reception. We corrected him and he took us to one that was open for takeaway only. Well, not wanting to make the hotel smell  any worse, we asked him to take us to another one. he did , it was open. Kev and I were the only ones in the place. We had a beer and I had a tandoori chicken that was older than me.  We asked for a cab and the nice man said the hotel is walking distance…he must have been a sherpa. It was freezing and miles. Kevin was attacked by a rat on the way. We each went to our unspeakable rooms and I slept on Fred Flintstones bed complete with Granite pillow.

Breakfast was taken    Poached eggs(they can’t leave them to go hard) served by a millennial girl with more piercings and a nice woman with tattoos

set of for home….. the gig was sold out and so is the next one..Southend  with  1636 people in.

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