The winter gardens is a old venue. The set up is odd. The stage is where the umpire sits at a tennis match. It therefore causes sight line problems. It is a hall really. The should and lighting controls are at the side of the stage so the sound man can’t hear and the lighting man cant see!  However I love the place. The new manager is a superstar. The staff are friendly and down to earth. The punters always have a good time.  I have changed the talking to dead people routine and it is really happening. I have also changed the ending of the act.

I have been suffering from Gout….I know!  what thing to have. It is like having the worst pain you have ever had continually for 24 hours a day. As I type this it is Tuesday and I have to hobble off to Dunstable for tonights gig. I should cancel but I can’t let the people down. I will have to dose myself up with painkillers and hope the liver deals them!

We are looking for people to join a hike across Dartmoor on 24/25th May  go to Care after Combat web site and go to Tab and Yomp. or call 0300 343 0255 and ask for Sam.

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