back to work…too soon?

So , It was time to go to work. The Swan in High Wickommmmmm    I had rested my voice all day after a night of coughing.  I would be meeting Kev at the gig as he was driving from Blackpool where for some reason he chooses to live.  I set off at 3. that would give me three hours to get there . it is about 50 miles from home. It was a Friday and traveling is a nightmare.

I arrived at the gig at about 4  30 .Kev was at in his car keeping warm. He knocked on the stage door and was met by a young lady dressed in he obligatory black. She summoned another person who would be looking after us. The head technician/stage manager. Another female  in  black arrived. She was very pleasant. “hello I’m so and so..I will be looking after you tonight, it is so good to have you here. The house is very busy and we’ve set everything up for you, would you like me to show you too your dressing room?  This sounds good right? wrong..she was addressing Kevin.  I asked her if she knew who was who? she didn’t.  I explained…


The sound check would be important as my voice was pretty weak. It was a disaster…learning that all things are my fault. I told the nice sound engineer,who incidentally was wearing hearing aids, that I would bugger off for an hour while he fixed it. We joined the millennials and had a cup of tea.

I returned to the stage when asked and he had done a brilliant job and nailed the PA…  well he certainly did the best job with the set up. well done Tom.

Before I go on stage I get clearance from the person in the “Corner” to say the Front of house is ready and the bars are clear. The walk in music was very loud. Our girl in the corner was talking on her head phones. She paused and asked me what the start procedure was? I told her to fade music and house lighting and go to my lighting condition.  She didn’t…The music playing was coming to the end of the song. I asked the girl to tell tom to not play anymore tracks…she looked at me and said “Schhhhhhh” The next track came on. I said’Excuse me, you asked me the start procedure and I told you…you ignored me” she said..”eh”  I walked on …. she then stopped the music and the lighting eventually changed….My fault obviously.

At the end of two hours and signing in the interval my throat was hanging. Rest today then  north to Bedworth….

The grown up volunteers…loads of em   where great…Tom  did a fair job. I did 2 hours and the lady in the corner got through the night and as we left I had the thought that she still had no idea who I was…..

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