As I imagined my throat was in a shocking state the next day after the cresset. The long drive would give it some rest. We were staying outside of Billingham in a wonderful country house hotel called Wynnwood park…or something like that. An emourmouse country pile owned by John Hall a former part owner of Newcastle United.  I was good in daylight hours but as the grown ups departed for home the milenials took over. We got back to the bar at 10 20 . The bar was shut and a homely girl was making it up for breakfast. we asked for a drink and something to eat. we were told it was room service only. I said ok can we have a menu? and was told it was in the room. I then asked if they had any menus down stairs. She said she will go and look.. she vanished. Resisting the temptation to eat some of the weeterbix on show I visited reception. I was told by a young man that he would have look and see what he’s got… (I paid £220 for my room)  I said two ham sandwiches…20 minutes later he brought One! we were reluctantly served a drink…

I went to bed at 1115 and woke at 1 30  my throat was in agony.. I lay there for 4 hours then woke Kev and we drove 300 miles home

I called Chris and told him to postpone the gigs in Dundee and Dunfermline   I could not talk…I had laryngitis


As I type I am a bit better and will set off for Workington tomorrow…..wish me luck

the crew and staff at the Forum Billingham were first class…and so were the hot toddies

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