Frank Matcham was a fantastic theatre designer. Some examples of his work can be seen in southsea in Hampshire, Wakefield and the Hackney Empire.

The theatre in Crewe was designed by one of his apprentices. It has a wonderful old device in the centre of the roof. When switched on Little gas burners light up. The heat that it generates encourages the cigarette and pipe smoke to rise and is expelled via a chimney…. Brilliant. I believe it is the only functioning device of its kind in the world.

The crew here are fantastic. What else would you expect in town named after them?

It was a good gig, but I found myself getting tired towards the end of the first half. A stiff whiskey sorted me out.

I sign books for the charity in the interval. On the inside cover of the book is the recommended retail price of £18.99. I charge £20 for the book and all the money goes to care after combat. I received a couple of emails today from a woman who complained that she spent £20 pounds on the book when it should be £18.99. I replied to her that I had signed the book personally for her. She replied that I didn’t even look up and she feels she has been robbed. I told to send the book back to the charity and she would be refunded. I also told her I think I know who she was. There was a woman complaining a lot. Kevin resisted the temptation to tell to fuck off.  I bet it is her.  Some people ?

The hotel was deserted. Kevin I were charged £30  for 3 slices of bacon and for poached ..

The drive back to the office in Whiteley took 4 1/2 and a half hours. I seem to spend my life in the car.

I am very good at predicting what time I will arrive at home, usually within the minute.

Looks like Liam Nielson is in the shit today… Oh well it someone else’s turn for a change.

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