The White Rock Theatre in Hastings is an odd shape. It is wide as opposed to long. Hastings looks as if it is suffering from the recession and austerity measures more than some. The peir opposite the theatre has had a facelift and the hotel we stayed in needs one. I stayed at the White Rock Hotel. I’ve never seen so many dogs. It is a good idea to have dog friendly hotels. This hotel was not heat friendly. Kevin had to get up in the night and put a jumper on.I’m used to being freezing because of a menopausal wife, so -5° was nothing to me.

The hotel had a very charming millennial receptionist. I pointed to the globe that was rotating on the reception desk. I asked her where she thought Angola was. She said she knew nothing about geography at all. And why should she?

The gig was quite good including four people who shared a tooth, giggling a lot.

I think I’m getting a bit tired now.

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