here we go again

The gig in Wimbourn was over shadowed somewhat by Snow and the flakes   and by That Nice Mp Lammy . He is always going on about racism.Everything he talks about is racism. Brexit  will cause more racism  etc etc      I saw all this on twitter and commented  ”Play the race card?  why not.” well that brought the snowflakes out, Lammy replied by playing all the cards, accusing me of hate filled jokes in the 80′s  he then states he was 11..well shouldn’t be watching dirty comics! he then defends all the others ists and accuses me of insulting basically everyone apart from straight able bodied white people!!   is that a card or what?   I find all this card playing destructive…it is him that is full of hate and is doing his best to drive us all apart….print that!

meanwhile the shows are selling out because it is time the people fight back against all this shite.

I’m the bad guy again of course!  Can’t wait to see the Daily Mirror’s version of events

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