As I  predicted to the audience as soon as I walked on stage on the night, I have now heard via my agent that I am banned from the mighty Cresset in Peterborough. So that’s me and their MP the town won’t be seeing for a while.

The Cresset has a small man syndrome. The petty managers and their cronies will be dripping now, not to mention the labour councillors who believe every non socialist is a racist and any male is a potential  sexual predator. The fact is,  this is a sub standard dump. A poor sports hall  in a town full of great people who deserve better. It’s not a coincidence that this tour is called” the public fight back.”  The reason that I am banned two days after them putting on their twitter feed “Looking forward to seeing him next year” is a slight mystery. However, apart from lying about the PA system and a warm dressing room they have now decided I was rude to the audience before the show. I don’t remember that. I wasn’t in a good mood because I had to sit my car outside while they tried to fix the “perfectly fine ” PA     whether someone might have been rude to me is irrelevant. They paid, so they are entitled to barge in, interrupt, take pictures and immediately want a “Selfie” before saying hello.  thats all part of the game…but to have incompetent morons  blame you for their failures and “don’t give a fuckness” is irritating.

The people were Jammed in like sardines yet we were told the place wasn’t full…someone is telling porkies because people in the front row nearly had to sit sideways the chairs were so tightly packed.

Because they re amateurs “There’s no pleasing him” attitude  I had to struggle in a proper theatre in Bellingham the next night. Their magnificent fully trained technicians tweeked the sound system so my minute voice (thanks to the Cresset’s “No one’s complained before” man) was audible.

Thanks to the Cresset  I let down over 2000 people  in Scotland and Workington….but  go ahead ,blame me…play your card …then go away and put on tribute bands  they are no problem…thats why they will always be tribute bands

The “Posh” should fight back…by God you deserve better.

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