I told myself that I must not mention that MP who has gone to prison for failing to declare that she was the driver of the car allegedly. If she was  a white MP I would have gone to town… But there you go.

The Cresset has always been a dodgy old gig. It is a sports hall really. It is run by people who understand sports halls. We arrived there was no parking space of course. And as we walked into the concert room I spoke to the man who was behind the sound desk. I asked him if he was ready for the soundcheck? He told me not yet. So I waited as he ran up and down the aisle trying to fix the broken PA system. Actually it wasn’t broken he just did not know how to work it. The sound was appalling. When it wasn’t distorting it was too quiet. I am aware that I am the bad guy when it comes to these situations. The gymnasium manager arrived and had a listen  to the sound. He said I’m not a sound engineer but it sounds fine. It didn’t, and Kevin told him that it was distorting. I had a bit of a cold and sore throat and I was relying on the P a system to help me through the evening. Instead of trying to get the sound right the sound engineer decided it was more fun to argue with me.   I went on to a shit sound system and at the end of two hours I had no voice left.

Oh well what do you expect when you play gymnasiums.

Stayed at the premier inn …great

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