Wimborne night two

I have taken to doing psychic  suff in the first half. I am trying to contact the dead!  Not easy…anyway  I could not predict what happened. A family turned up with a 14 year old lad. Kev spotted them and correctly alerted the management. The management is the wonderful Charlie North-Lewis. Him and I go way back to the days of George Savva. Anyway, the woman was told that she could not bring in a 14 year old because of the nature of Jim’ s act. I told Charlie I couldn’t do my so called act for what basically is a child. I might be a “dirty right wing, sexual predatory homophobic, Tory, racist,fattest sexist wife beating alcoholic drug addicted bankrupt”. But in reality It is not in my nature to rob children of their childhood…. We refunded the 5 tickets. The woman was very nice about it…..so far

off to Hastings tonight , snow plough at the ready

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