heading North

The next two gigs were at an old favourite and a new gig that I had never been to. Skeggy and the Burnley mechanics!  Thats sounded like one of those awful clubs in the moors. It turned out to be a tasty little 500 seater. The sound and lights were great and we stayed in a Gymnasium with beds!   nothing to report. foot still bad and  I limp off to bed straight after the show…oh the glamour. Up early next day and we drive to Shaggy. Bloody long drive through empty and sad looking villages and towns in Lancs and Yorkshire. All the pubs were boarded up.There were hundreds of hairdresser shops!  Sgeggy was full and Gemma with the nockers was on the front row. Straight to bed after!!  I must be getting old. Home tomorrow……. good, running out of pain killers!

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