Always had problems with the sound here.   Now sound fine…hotel HMMMM    there is a nice big hotel and spa in Kettering. It’s the sort of hotel that caters for weddings and hen parties using the spa. It would seem it caters for no one else. We arrived and stood at reception with our bags. The young girl with a metal thing in her lip and enough makeup to paint the scubs asked us if we were checking in? I replied “no, we are just walking about with our bags”…her older friend laughed, she looked pissed off. It turns out Kevin was not on their list even though I booked him in online. They found him a room. A suite no less. Now this is a nice big hotel with tons of facilities. It was lunchtime and we told reception we going to the restaurant. We got there and were told by a 12 year old it was shut. “But it’s lunch time”I said. “Why is the restaurant closed lunchtime?”  ”it opens at six” was the reply. There was bar food..  I had eggs Benedict out of the four choices.   It was shite.. The Hollandaise sauce had split. I pointed this out to the waitress who said..”Sorry”   .

The gig was fine and I met up with an old operation Yewtree inspector and went for a Thai meal with him and his team from “PTSD BLUES” there are thousands of Police officers, serving and veteran, suffering. I talked with them and tried to find a way to help.  We chatted about Yewtree and had a good laugh!!   we did!

Next morning we met some friends for lunch. Two fans who have been coming to see me for 27 years. The restaurant ,of course was full and was told by Iron lip at reception I should have booked Friday…we checked in Saturday I told her  she said “OH…”

The nice bloke with the long fashionable beard said we can have a table in the bar.    We ordered 3 beef and I plumbed for the “Roast pork with crackling served with  apple sauce and sage gravy”

The young girl took our order. “how is the beef cooked ?” I ask  she said “Well done or Rare” “No medium?” “no”

We got two well done and Kevin’s rare…there was no difference. The millennial lad said” here we are two well done and one pink”  I asked why he thought pink was brown?” he said “it’s pink”  ” Kevin said ” it’s well done” the girl said she would replace it. My three slices of overcooked and dry pork were served. No sage gravy, no crackling. I asked for the gravy. The girl went off in a huff , waited till my pork was cold and returned with the news that they had run out!

I asked her to take mine away and I would have beef. She did. The beef turned up and was inedible. Kevin and my guests couldn’t eat theirs either.

I spoke to the beardyman who assured me that this has never happened before… was he indicating this is my fault for being too fussy?    Probably

Shame on that Hotel     it’s typical I’m afraid…not good enough Great Britain.

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