The trouble with doing the gig in Stevenage is that it is on the border of staying over or going home. It is two hours from my house, so do you drive home? Or stay in a hotel with sod all to do all day? We chose to stay. We stayed at the premiere inn. At reception there was a person belonging to the protected species act. She had no recollection about a booking. So after what seemed like three weeks we checked into our rooms first checking that Lenny Henry was not in residence.

The gig in Stevenage is in a huge leisure centre complex. There is a choice. You can play the big sports hall that holds 1200 people, or you can play the Gordon Craig Theatre which holds 600 people.  I chose to play the theatre, twice.

The lighting sound and crew were perfect.

After the first night Kevin and I went for a curry in a deserted Indian restaurant in the old town. I certainly got my money’s worth from the food. I could taste it all night, and it kept me awake for most of it.

During the day off Kevin and  I decided to check out the shopping centres. The women in Stevenage eat well. We went to the Thai restaurant. It was very nice and full of Thai women that looked as if they’ve been put into a shrink machine… They were tiny.

I bought a pair of jeans… And a iPad from one of those little shops with a man who had English as a second language it would seem.

We swerve around the Indian after the second show and went to bed at 11 o’clock….. Oh, the glamour.

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