I normally  stay over in Swansea at the nice Morgans hotel. This time I had to be back for a meeting on the floating office in Southampton. I am planning a film about traveling to London…By Office!!

Kev and I arrived in Swansea at mid day and had a meeting with Care after Combat’s Welsh office. After a good meeting and a nice lunch it was off to the theatre for a kip…oh the glamour.

Now, I’ve enjoyed this act I am doing but tonights gig was electric….. a full house and a great crowd.

We set off for Southampton at 10 20 and arrived a 2 am!  Some tit had closed the M4    my stupid German car took us off on a magical mystery  tour. through 20mph council estates in Chippenham .  We then hit fog on Salisbury plain. I pulled over because some annoying git ws up my are….It was the Rozzers. I asked them if they wanted to get in my boot? they laughed. As  we drove off I told them to be careful in the fog because I was pissed…..   they buggered off.

Oh the office broke down the next morning and had to be fixed by a boat person.  I think it prefers being the production office.

Dartford to do Wednesday…..sort of home town…looking forward to it!

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