The last time I appeared in Telford I was on bail. If you remember I was wrongly arrested by the operation yew tree mob. After a year of turmoil the police informed me there would be no charges. They almost managed an apology. Anyway, it was 2013 and I arrived at the theatre in Telford four hours after being released from the police station. A couple of years before that the Telford Council banned me from appearing in their theatre, because I slagged the town off. Anyway, they have since changed their minds and I am back…. The town, incidentally, looks the same as it did all those years ago.

The theatre is impossible to find. The navigator in the car had a mental breakdown after taking us round the town centre three times. We eventually staggered into the theatre and did a  sound check. All was well.

Like 90% of the tour the theatre was sold out. Sell-out shows have a bit of a buzz. There is something about a packed auditorium, you can almost sense the anticipation, and it gives me a feeling that I must go out and deliver. I am still wearing jeans and my golf shoes, it has changed the way I work. My hair is growing quite long as well so with the jeans, trainers and  long hair I really am becoming an alternative comedian.

The staff and crew at this theatre are sensational. Yes it could do with a few quid spent on it,but it makes up for that with the great personnel that strive to do their best for the artist and the audience. One could wish for nothing better.

Got back to the hotel, nothing to eat… Off to bed.         Bring back the old days

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