Farewell Freddie

I was woken up last night with a call from a journalist informing me that Freddie Starr had passed away. I loved him.

Freddie was the benchmark of British comedy during the 80s. He was outrageous and hysterically funny.  The thing that struck you when you saw onstage was his ability to move, the way he moved. People compared him to Charlie Chaplin.

Both Freddy and I were arrested by operation YEWTREE and in my book No further action you can read of the times when we used to speak to one another. Freddie told me that he told the police he was going to eat a block of concrete. When I asked him why did you say that? He told me it was the only thing he could think of.

After the police told me there would be no further action against me, I was asked if I would give evidence regarding Freddie Starr. I had no evidence to give so I didn’t.  I survived operation Yewtree , Freddie didn’t…. Simple as that.

I truly believe that Freddie Starr is the greatest entertainer this country has ever  produced….   May he find peace.

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