the tour

The tour is nearly complete,with just Scotland to do. I should have done it  in the middle of the tour but had the dreaded lurgie. Little Workington was great. I had booked what looked like a nice hotel on Booking .com when we got there it was a guest house. I told the nice woman that we were not staying. The fantastically efficient manager at the theatre sorted us out a “Grindley Grog” just outside of town. The two nights were as different as chalk and cheese. First night great…second night a bit slow and then heckling…don’t know why. We also had to have a bloke removed for constant shouting…tit.

The drive home was horrendous. I dropped Kev off at Preston train station and then got photographed speeding, 37 in a thirty. Hold the front page.  Talking of which….

I have now been banned from driving for 6 months. It is a pain in the bum.     12 points in 100,000 miles.

Kev now leaves the charity and comes to work for me…so out goes the VW I’ve been driving and in comes the company limo…more fucking expense.

I am now at home (Kev’s on leave!!) and can’t get into the charity office. Good job I’m not paid or I would loose the job. It is crazy banning people Utter madness..


Live long and prosper



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