tour going well.

I am so enjoying this show now I know what I am talking about. The audience and I expose what is acceptable in comedy and in life…   life is funny


Four gigs into the tour and I have finally found my feet. It is always a problem putting a new act together. Last years 40 years in showbiz tour was sensational, it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Now I have to follow that. How do you do that? Well, I decided that what I’ll do it just moan about the things that get on my tits, and there’s lots of them.

It’s funny how people react.

Donald Trump…. They love him

Diane Abbott       they wet themselves laughing. I have started calling her Diane Abacus. When construction company Corillian went into liquidation , she asked,” how much is  a Corrillian?”

I met once at the House of Commons, she was having lunch at the table with Bernie Grant… Do you remember him? Are used to wear African garb. Anyway, I said hello, and she closed her eyes to try and summon up who I was. That gave me time to escape.

Europe….. They want out

Boris……… They love him

Corbin………. boos


I like my audience.


well Hello,


it’s been a while, so I thought I better write a few things.

I’m just finishing a tour for small theatres in the UK. The show is called 40 years on. It reflects on the 40 years since I won New Faces in 1976. I am enjoying it. This autumn I am doing the show without music and lighting… A sort of unplugged version.

What I had forgotten, was just how bizarre and rotten some of our hotels are. And if you criticise them on social media, local people who have probably never been there in their lives defend them as if they were their own children. I went to one in Exeter, and in the bar next to reception there were a pair of legs dangling through the ceiling. A man was working, and while he was doing it there was debris and dust falling into people’s cups of tea. I checked out my bedroom, it smelt of an old janitor’s bucket. I made my excuses and left. I am the bad guy!!!!

I think the way forward is to stay in Premier Inns, you know what you gonna get.

Have you noticed annoying things in hotels?, like having to make your own toast and your own tea. And then serve yourself some dried out bacon and a piece of fried egg that looks as if you could make a  frisbee out of it.

And then you sit in the lobby with a  cup of tea, try desperately to get on the  Wi-Fi that is slower than a snail, and try and catch up on your emails while people clean and vacuum around you. I asked the receptionist.” Am I getting in the way?” “No” she said with a smile and complete missed the point of why I asked her.

Pillows. Why do hotels buy the cheapest pillows they can find? I’ve had a stiff neck for three months.

well thats my moan over.

I recorded Piers Morgan show the other day. In the audience was a guy(can you say that now?) from the Mirror. he listend with interest as I told a story of saving a soldiers life..and then ran a story how I had a feud with Bruce Forsyth.

Actually I never had a feud with him. I hardly ever talked to him. I once was given a dog by his ex wife Anthea. It was a great Dane. Julie(think that was her name) and I lived in Wentworth. This dog was a giant and had bollocks the size of ice buckets. It was also a vegetarian. Anyway , cut a long story short, I did a bit in the Sun that we were looking for a home for Bruce’s old dog. he came round my house going bonkers.  ”You can’t get rid of that dog, he’s a killer!”  well thanks Bruce. I never spoke with him again because I never saw him. He didn’t mix with my mob. When I took over the Gen game I thought I would get a card!…No. he was a private man who preferred his own close friends like Tarby.

Now I did have a feud with him. I was pissed and watched his performance at Blazers in Windsor. He had been in the doldrums for a while but a brilliant spot on the royal variety show propelled him back to stardom and full houses. I said “Great show Jimmy, good to see you back after your layoff” That did it..brought the old scouser to life!!  ”How dare’re not even a comic you’re just a cheeky won’t be funny till you’re forty”   That told me!

Care after Combat is doing well despite no money from HMG yet!   250 veteran prisoners helped. My team has reduced re-offending by 90%   please go to CaC twitter and join x



The Keith Emerson Tribute show is approaching fast   28th July Birmingham Symphony Hall x

Carp after Combat

A fantastic  three days with the carp after Combat team…no fish and a sire throat but great fun. Well done Dave and Andy and the team.

Keith Emerson Tribute

Tickets are selling well for the Keith Emerson tribute concert. I hope you can come. Please go to the Care after Combat website or twitter page and get some tickets, you wont regret it 28 July in Brum


I ve been reading about “millenials” . People of a young age that have a blame culture. I’m glad someone else has noticed this cousin of political correctness.  The type of person this disease affects  is normally the one who moans ..about me, you everybody really. Nothing is their fault. They go out of their way to lie and bullshit their way to safety.  It is quite scary. “It’s not me”" You made me do it”  It’s not my job” ”he spoke to me funny, he was rude, he was humiliating me, he looked at me funny”. heard any of these?

When they fuck up it’s ALLWAYS someone else fault..and if you don’t like this version of the truth there’s another version ready to go.

They also have the knowledge that the HR PC wold of morons are on there side.

There is an epidemic

How dare I say this!!!!! “well, There you go… what do you expect from the sexist racist?”

Life has a way of evening things out.

Life has a way of evening things out.


Internationally acclaimed keyboard virtuoso Keith Emerson passed a year ago. I loved him. He was my hero. When I was young and working for radio rentals delivering TV’s in my little van I used to drive to Fulham and go through the bins of Emerson Lake and Palmer’s recording studio looking for souvenirs.  Later when I became famous I met Keith. I was speechless. They say never meet your heroes, however mine was great. He taught me how to be a friend as well as a fan. I travelled the world to see him play. We became palls. He was even best man at a couple of my weddings.

In 1977 I was about to go to Montreal to see them with a 60 piece orchestra in the Olympic stadium. I couldn’t go. I had been offered a TV series. I should have gone. I would never see Keith’s music with an orchestra again for Keith took his life.

No one will really know the reason he did this, although I think Keith believed he had lost his relevance. He had a problem with his right hand. It was getting worse, and suddenly and terrifyingly the world’s greatest rock keyboard player could not play the way he believed he had to. Keith had raised the bar of rock keyboard playing so high it even became out of his reach. He believed that he was unable to deliver what was expected of him, and depression set in.

I work with Veterans, some of them have the same problem, that of losing one’s relevance.

It is a huge smack in the face to realise that you must cease to be who you once were or who you chose to be, and realise that life moves on, and its time to turn the page.

When Simon Weston was injured, his life changed in an instant. He adapted, and now is an inspiration to us all. We must all accept our fate and rejoice in what we once had.

Let’s look at my favourite subject…me!

I have been right to the top of my profession, against all odds, some would say. But I’ve always believed that everyone has a shelf life. People say to me “why aint you on the Telly no more?” I tell them that I have done my shift. Some of my colleagues really struggle with not being the star they were. They feel hollow…like Ronin. (did you see the film?) They are without purpose and they watch what they see to be lesser mortals succeeding. It’s rotten, but that’s life, but believe me there is always something round the corner.

In 1976 I failed an audition for Opportunity Knocks, two months later I won New Faces.

After years at Thames television I was sacked. Two months later I was signed by BBC to do Big break and the biggest show of all the Generation Game.

I was arrested by operation yewtree on the way to the Big brother house.

1 year later I won Big brother.

When I was 19 I was going through Keith’s rubbish bins

Then on March the 11th last year I got a phone call from his Girlfriend Mari to tell me Keith was dead. She called me…the kid who was going through the bins.

I never got to Montreal. I never saw the great man’s works orchestrated. But as I said, life has a way of evening things up.

On the 28th of July I am producing a celebration of Keith’s life at the Birmingham symphony Hall.  And yes… It will have a Sixty Piece Orchestra.


Keith Emerson a celebaration of life

Birmingham Symphony Hall


Rick Wakeman, Thiery Elise, Racheal Flowers, Marc Bonilla, Noddy’s Puncture

And the Keith Emerson Orchestra conducted by Terje Melkelson



Tickets 01217 803 333


Now , I have the odd bet now and then,so here’s one.  I bet Donald Trump resigns. I bet he gets fed up of being slagged off. Now, we all get slagged off…I should know, but when you believe you are constantly slagged off for the wrong reasons it gets to yer, because people haven’t listen to what you have said or written, it’s frustrating. It’s like constantly being blamed for something you haven’t done. You get slagged off because of other peoples interpretation of what you said. Nigel F must be sick of being called a racist because he wants to protect our borders. He has resigned more times than we all can remember. I resign twice a week…Some times life seems matter what you say, some bugger puts his wrong interpretation on it and Boom!  So why bother?    because  we all feel passionate about the things we do…we go for gold, flat out then along comes some tit and pisses on your chips…..”Just when I thought I was leaving..they drag me back in”


I’m having real problems making Pie and Mash… me bottoms are a bit soggy and my tops are too hard.

Care after Combat

Care after combat has produced its findings after 18 months of Project Phoenix.

The study was a look at 2000 veterans in the Criminal Justice system.

It made recommendations to HMG.

It also pointed out the most asked questions from the Veteran.

“with so many veteran charity why can’t we get help?”

It also reported that The Government is working to reduce re offending, with CaC leading the way with the veteran.

It also points out the the biggest problem for the veteran is Alcohol issues.

It recommends that prisoners be kept in separate wings in prison… anyway enough of me goofing off  have a look at what the boffins found on the CaC web site.